Kids & Cleanup... frustration for parents and kids. Here is the solution.

Youtube demo (2 min)

For parents and children the topic "room cleanup" is a pain. Permanent discussions lead to nothing but frustration and parents, that finally clean up themselves. Because children perceive mess differently, they feel treated unfairly  and are also frustrated - no wonder that they are little motivated to clean up.

The Cleaning Help solves this dilemma because it relieves the parents from the assessment of the tidiness and it does this objectively and impartially. With the Clean Up Help children can easily check whether their room is okay. To this end, parents and children agree on a tidiness (value between 0 and 10), which is okay. After cleaning up the kids take a picture with the app and instantly know whether the goal has been achieved. If not, they can better clean - without first someone had to scold. Thus, the cleanup dilemma is relaxed, children get a sense of achievement and discussions come to an end. Since the achievement of the goal is measured objectively and impartially, a small reward can further increase the motivation.

The app uses image processing techniques that compare the current situation in the room with a reference picture which shows the room in a good tidy condition. From this, the amount of disorder is calculated so as perceived by a human observer and displayed on a scale from zero (perfectly tidy) to ten (total chaos). The reference picture (desired state) needs to be taken only once, initially and is then used as a comparison for all subsequent shots.

The operation is simple, because the app takes the picture automatically from the camera preview, based on the best match with the reference picture. It is sufficient to hold the device for some seconds towards the room.

For a ten–year-old the target might be within the green range of the scale (untidiness 0-2) while for a six–year-old the target might be within in the yellow range (untidiness 0-4). After the child has cleaned its room he/she applies the Cleaning Help. If the first result is still not in the desired range, the child can clean up better and then repeat the measurement.

So, the app acts as a coach for the child and saves child & parents having frustrating discussions. The app is fun and great for experimentation. With the Clean Up Help cleaning becomes a game and a good tidy state creates a sense of achievement. The app can be seen as a complement for traditional clean up games - the practical part of the game, so to speak.

All results (pictures of desired and actual state, the calculated untidiness and date/time) are clearly displayed and saved, so that they can be shown to the parents anytime.

•Up to 10 rooms can be covered simultaneously.
•No advertising.
•No internet connection needed.